Ya'll Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

Last night we bid farewell to our good friends, and former neighbors, Mick and Carrie. They moved to Springfield from Detroit three years ago so Mick could start his job as an Architect professor at Drury University. They rented the house across the street from us and we became fast friends. That friendship was really sealed when we spent 10 days together weathering (pun intended) the great ice storm of 2007. 

When their lease was up on the rental house they chose to buy a house in the same neighborhood and we remained close. It wasn’t unusual for us to get together for impromptu Sunday night dinners or driveway picnics. When we moved in October and left the neighborhood, we still tried to keep the Sunday night dinner routine alive even if it wasn’t weekly.

Alas, I knew our time together would be short. Mick  had planned all along to apply to graduate school which meant another move for them. Several weeks ago we got the news that he’d been accepted into a graduate program that would take them back to their hometown of Detroit. Carrie got a job with the Make a Wish Foundation as a wish granter which is just about the most perfect job she could ask for. We’re so excited for both of them, but sad at the same time.

Goodbye, Mick and Carrie. You always have a place to stay at our house when you visit Springfield. We’re so glad you are our friends. Good luck and please stay in touch!

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  1. Carrie

    Thanks Tammy! You have no idea what yours and Steve’s friendship has meant to Mick and I. We are going to miss you terribly!

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