A Little of This, A Little of That

Steve was gone most of last week and, while I love having time to myself, I was glad to see him return on Thursday. Especially when I found out there had been attempted burglaries on several houses in our neighborhood Wednesday night. I don’t worry much because we have good locks (which I check nightly) and my neighbor, Tracy, keeps an eye on things. Still, having Steve home made me feel better.

We entered the weekend plan-free which was fine with us. On a whim I called Sarah and Dennis Friday morning and we planned a casual get-together at our house Friday night. It was really just an excuse to make Mojitos with all the mint we had growing at the side of the house. We grilled some pork tenderloins and sweet potatoes and rounded out the meal with a delicious salad of fresh greens from Dennis’ garden. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday we did some work around the house then took a short road trip to Branson to visit the Banana Republic outlet. Steve was looking for new work clothes and I wanted a dress. We didn’t buy anything and quickly decided that we were tired of people and wanted to spend the rest of the evening at home. We arrived home with a Papa Murphy’s pizza and plans to relax on the deck. We opened a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio and settled in. While we were inside waiting on the pizza to finish baking my cell phone rang. It was Sarah calling to tell us she and Dennis had set up a croquet game at a local park and several friends were joining them for a game. Oh, and they had Mojitos! She told us to bring the pizza and join them which we did. Dennis is a fierce competitor when it comes to croquet. I have never been able to beat him and the joke is to try to knock him out of the game. Naturally, we failed again to beat him, but we had a blast. After our picnic and a couple of games we all came back here so Steve could make everyone espressos with his new machine. The house didn’t clear out until after midnight and we were beat!

Sunday was chore day and not very eventful, which was fine by me. We did take a short break to do some more clothes shopping since our Branson trip had been a bust, but we didn’t buy anything at the mall either. Guess that just means we didn’t need anything! Actually, Steve found a couple a nice suits but the sales weren’t good enough so we decided to wait.

I guess it’s fate we didn’t spend any money over the weekend because Steve ran over a 4″ metal rod on the way to the gym early Monday morning and we’re going to need a new tire. Of course, the tires on the Fit are special and have to be ordered so Steve took my car to work and I’m driving the Fit with an attractive donut wheel on the back. Hopefully, the new tire will be in tomorrow.

That’s all for now. Today I’m going to try and work in the studio even though I have no desire to do so. I’m feeling so uninspired but pressured to create something new. I figure puttering around will be good enough to at least get my brain going.


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2 responses to “A Little of This, A Little of That

  1. When I got a screw in my tire, the friendly service man was kind enough to point out that I had been “screwed” Would this mean that Steve was “ram- rodded?”
    Boy I wish that I could have been there for the Banana Republic and the croquet. I am a fan of both!

  2. “Ram-rodded”? Carrie, that’s horrible and I love it! I”ll say that’s what happened alright.

    Yeah, it would have been fun to shop with you and the croquet was a blast. Maybe next time!

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