Mowing Mystery

Yesterday I arrived home and discovered our lawn had been mown. I called my neighbor, Tracy, to see if her son had done it but she wasn’t home. Steve arrived shortly after I did and started casing the house. He determined that the job had probably been done by our South neighbor, Gary, since the path of the mower matched.

It was a nice gesture since Steve hadn’t had time to do it, but it was still a bit weird. And invasive. Steve likes to take care of our lawn which means he enjoys mowing it a certain way, weeding it and generally taking care of things. While I’m sure whoever mowed the lawn thought they were doing us a favor, they didn’t take into account the fact we might not want our lawn mowed yet. Steve purposely keeps the grass higher since the front yard is nothing but weeds. The higher lawn looks better that when it’s shaved down like it is now. Plus, the mowing was done quickly and areas were left undone.

It’s hard to complain about someone doing something nice for you so we won’t. Steve will ask Gary if he mowed the lawn and thank him if he did. But if any of you think about “surprising” a neighbor with mowing their lawn, you might want to ask them first!

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  1. Another theory: A lawn mowing service showed up at our house one time and mowed the lawn because they had the wrong house! šŸ™‚

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