Nice Work If You Can Get It

One of the perks of befriending my metals instructor, Sarah, is that she thinks of me when a student needs an internship. This means I get an advanced student to help me with my studio work and I don’t have to pay them. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they are usually limited on time and skills, but it’s nothing I haven’t been able to work around in the past.

This summer I get Stacey. I have taken a couple of classes with her so I’m familiar with her personality and work. She’s a little odd, but I like her. I saw her senior show and she’s been doing a lot of work in steel which is very interesting and shows her skills have improved. I chatted with her last night and told her all about the excitement of production work. I told her it would be repetitive and boring and she replied that she didn’t expect it to be a party. I think we’ll get along well.

I have her for three weeks and she needs to cram 30-35 hours into that time. Luckily, I prepared some work for her a couple of weeks ago so we can get started in the studio right away. I’m hoping I’ll use the same time to work on more granulation. I’m still pushing myself to come up with a new design, but I need to ease up and work on what I have already. I can be a real taskmaster when I want to be!

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