Happy Father's Day, Dad

Although I’m sure he won’t read this, I wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day today and reflect on the things he taught me. We have not always seen eye-to-eye, but I still admire him for the things he’s accomplished and the obstacles he’s overcome.

My dad is the reason I have an appreciation for and love of music. At an early age my parents were filling the house with The Beach Boys, The Kingston Trio and Bob Dylan. Although it took me about 42 years to learn to appreciate Bob Dylan, I can say that I’m coming around  and actually enjoy some of his work. Dad always encouraged me to listen to music even when it meant playing something I know he probably hated (like David Cassidy). He always talked about the artist, the musicians in the band, who wrote the music and who produced it. This is information I still seek out when I buy new music.

Dad is a musician and has played many instruments throughout his life. I believe he started with the piano and played mostly classical music for many years. Later he graduated to guitar and drums. I love hearing stories of my parents dating years when dad was in a band and they used to party all weekend. Mom says the crew would crash at my grandparent’s house and my grandmother would fix a big breakfast in the morning.

Today dad is officially retired but he plays the guitar and writes music, this is when he’s not on the golf course. Oh, did I mention he’s an amazing golfer?! He has a studio in his house where he can record and edit his own work or that of others. A few years ago he had a band, but they split up when dad and Karen moved away. While my dad rarely shares his music with me, it’s always a treat to hear it. I think he’s an amazing, talented man and I love him very much.

Happy Father’s Day, dad!

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