Happy Birthday, Julia!

Today I celebrate the birth of my oldest niece, Julia, who is six years old. I remember the day she was born. Ralph called me early to inform me she was on the way to the hospital and was still sure she was having a boy. Ralph and Blair opted not to know the sex of their child. I told her I knew she was going to have a girl because that’s what I wanted her to have! Sure enough, Julia was born a few hours later and the world became a little brighter.

She’s a beautiful girl (yeah, yeah, I’m biased) and a joy to be around. She’s opinionated (wonder where she gets that?), outgoing, funny (very funny) and sweet to her little sister, Lydia. My only regret is that she doesn’t live closer so I can see her on her actual birthday but the family is coming to visit next week so I don’t have long to wait.

Happy Birthday Julia! Enjoy your special day, your star-shaped pinata and the High School Musical DVD Uncle Steve and Aunt Tammy sent you.

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