Food For Thought

Last night Steve and I did something we rarely do: we went to the movies. [The Moxie]( was showing Food, Inc. and it was something we really wanted to see. My sister had seen it last week and told us a bit about it so I knew it wasn’t going to be an uplifting film. I got really upset watching the abuse of the chickens and cattle and had to turn my head during several scenes, but I’m glad I saw it. This is one of those movies that everyone needs to see. It sheds light on the meat industry, the farming industry in general and how we, as consumers, drive the force. It’s easy to blame our government for all of this, but it’s really the consumer who is to blame. We’re the ones driving the fast food industry who, in turn, determines how things will be processed. McDonald’s, for example, is the largest buyer and producer of beef and potatoes in the U.S. But the movies isn’t just about meat. It also discusses corn and soybeans and how the seeds are genetically engineered to resist pests and grow larger. It’s all a vicious cycle. Do yourself a favor and see this movie. Even if you don’t agree with everything in it, it’s still an important eye-opener for us all.

Speaking of movies, Steve and I were reminded last night of why we rarely go to the theater. It seems that most people have completely forgotten how to act in public, especially in a theater. We arrived about 20 minutes early and chose our seats. The theater was filling up but we found some good seats anyway. The movie didn’t start on time because a local farmer spoke briefly beforehand, but I was amazed at the amount of people who wandered in after it started. Here they are 20 minutes late and wandering around trying to find a seat. I think I would have just chosen another night to attend rather than rudely interrupt the beginning of the movie. It took about a half hour for the theater to calm down. Then, a girl near me felt compelled to comment on everything she was seeing. I gave her several annoyed glances, but she didn’t seem to catch on. The dude in front of me needed to check his iPhone a couple of times, but that was mild compared to little Miss Chatterbox. All in all, not my best theater experience, but the movie was great.


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2 responses to “Food For Thought

  1. Carrie

    Disturbing! I want and yet don’t want to see this movie. Unfortunately I have watched plenty of footage pertaining to the meat industry (hello vegetarianism!), but I know that I need to learn about the agricultural side as well. Are you going to change your diet/ lifestyle as a result of the movie? I know that Supersize Me did that for me!

  2. Carrie, I hate to break it to you, but the information about soybeans and corn was just as disturbing as the meat! Tonight, Steve and I cleaned out all the meat in the freezer (which isn’t much) and are going to give it to the neighbor. We went to Millsap Farms and bought organic chicken, pork, beef and eggs. I doubt I’ll eat at a fast food chain again. Even a sandwich place.

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