Garage Garbage

The last time I had a garage sale, I vowed I’d never have another. It rained all morning, my iPod got wet and shorted out and there was a raccoon in the garage when I opened the door to start the sale. It was not a good experience. Steve and I discussed having one when we moved, but since we weren’t sure what we would want for the new house we decided to take all our crap with us. Fast forward almost a year later and we’re full of stuff we don’t want or need and a garage that’s in need of cleaning. So I caved and decided to have a garage sale. Again. For the last time. Maybe.

Saturday I worked on getting tables set up, boxes emptied and clothes hung. I have learned that hanging clothes means less folding on tables and a neater presentation. It does seem a bit weird to have old t-shirts on hangers but they look nicer and allow me to use table space for such valuable items as mis-matched glasswear. What I hate the most about having a sale is pricing. It seems to take forever to accomplish and I always end up wondering if things are priced correctly. Sunday Steve and I took out all the tools and things that we’re going to keep and organized them. The garage is already looking so much better now that the workbench is cleaned off and the tools are hanging on the wall. Once all the garage sale stuff is gone it’s going to look great.

The good news in all this is that my mom is going to help (when she can ’cause she is serving on too many committees) so I won’t have to babysit the whole thing alone. Steve will be here on Saturday so he can help box up all the leftovers and take them to the thrift shop or Goodwill. Plus, it will be nice to have a few extra dollars and a clean garage. Stop by if you need some quality crap this weekend. My loss is your gain!


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3 responses to “Garage Garbage

  1. Don’t forget to list it on Craig’s List. I always forget about that one. It works really well.

  2. We’re already ahead of you! My mom is going to post it today or tomorrow so it’s at the top of the list. Since I mentioned it on Facebook I’ve already sold my outdoor furniture and an old fire pit!

  3. Miriam

    I’ll stop by if I can – I’m betting you have some pretty great garage garbage!

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