Day In, Day Out

Would you wear the same thing every day for a month? Stylist [Valerie Elizabeth]( has challenged herself to wear the same black dress for 30 days, only changing her accessories. She’s trying to prove that you don’t need a huge wardrobe or a lot of money to look fresh and good. I think this is a lesson we can all learn from and enjoy.

I feel like I wear the same thing every day. Matter of fact, in some cases, I do. I get up, throw on some workout clothes, work out, shower, then put on some jeans (crop in summer, long in winter) and a t-shirt. This is my uniform. I work in a metals studio and get dirty so why in the world would I wear something nice? But I like nice clothes which is why I work at a clothing boutique. Thing is, I tend to wear the same thing to work too. Mostly it’s white jeans or dark denim and a black top. I have a wide variety of black tops, but I gravitate towards three or four different styles. So why do I have two closets full of clothes? Because I want choices. I want variety. I want to know I can change my mind or style whenever I feel like it.

Someone once told me that most women wear about 25% of their wardrobe and I agree. While I have a vast array of jeans I tend to wear the same few pair every week. I have many, many pairs of shoes, but still grab the same few styles daily. Again, it’s all about choices. I love taking my favorite Gap jeans and wearing them with a variety of jackets or t-shirts. Since shoes need time to breathe, it’s best to not wear the same pair two days in a row (same for bras). Some days I feel strong and tough, while other days I feel chic and feminine so I like to have different styles for my emotions.

Would you wear the same thing every day for a month? After reading Valerie Elizabeth’s blog, I’m wondering if I could do it. Maybe I should challenge myself to a week. Nah, I know I’d never make it!

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  1. Cindy

    When I first read this, I imagined her throwing on a scarf or a brooch, maybe a belt or a jacket; I also imagined a more tailored black dress. After peeking at the blog and seeing what she did – pairing it with jeans, making it look like a skirt and top rather than a dress – with that in mind, I think I could do it.

    But I don’t have the right dress – I don’t have anything short enough to pull off with pants, yet long enough to wear as a dress (I do prefer for my ass to be completely covered in public).

    So sure, we’ll say I could do it. But why bother?

    (And this is the whole point of my having a part-time job, one where I work six grueling hours a week … well, more with class prep time – the whole point is to wear my outfits. So if you think I”m limiting myself to one dress, you would be wrong. I think my students would catch on. Eventually.)

    And her outfits, by the way? Some were OK, but some just weren’t that interesting to me. She had some odd scarf action going on.

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