The Godmother

When my best friend from high school asked me to be the godmother to her firstborn I was so honored I cried. I never wanted children of my own but being asked to be a godmother seemed like such a great compliment. I attended her christening and vowed to be the kind of godmother who was involved in her life. At first I sent cards and little gifts for birthdays and Christmas but time wore on and I became less and less involved. Sure I had the best intentions, but I wasn’t in touch with her or her mother like I had envisioned. I had dreams of being the hands-on godmother that my sister and I had when we were children, but the reality was that I wasn’t as close to the family as I had once been.

I thought of her often and kept in touch with her mother. On her sixteenth birthday I sent her the sapphire earrings (her birthstone) I’d been saving for her. She sent me a beautiful thank-you note and I knew she was growing into a sharp young lady. She recently turned eighteen and is now a legal adult. I lost track of time and didn’t get a card or gift mailed to her. I feel like the world’s worst godparent. Little does she know that I keep up with her and her sisters through her mom’s blog.

While I know she won’t read this I just want to tell her that I’m proud of her and that I think of her often. The gift of being named her godmother meant more to me than I ever showed her. I can’t believe she’s headed to college in the fall, but I don’t doubt she will find success in whatever she chooses in life. I want her to know that even though I’m practically a stranger to her, she’s always welcome in my home and I’d do whatever I could to help her. That also applies to her siblings.

Happy belated birthday, Alison! You’re a wonderful young woman!

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