Under Consideration

We received a phone call yesterday from a local magazine who wants to possibly feature our house in an upcoming edition. I told the woman that our house wasn’t like their normal profile homes and asked if she was sure she wanted to see it. She assured me she did and that they were looking for different kinds of houses and that she just wanted to see ours to consider it. I agreed to a meeting and we’re scheduled to get together the first full week in October.

I had mixed feelings about the whole thing once I hung up the phone. Sure, I’m flattered that someone thinks my house is interesting enough to possibly devote several pages to in a magazine, but it’s also a bit intrusive. I don’t want people seeing my house and the things I have and making assumptions about my life or lifestyle. Hmm, could my feelings be because I’ve made assumptions about others in the past? Certainly not! Also, the homes this magazine has featured in the past have mainly been huge McMansions built with too much money and very little taste or style. Most rooms look like they were taken directly out of a catalog where the owner pointed to a page and said, “I’ll take it,” meaning everything on the page from the wall color to the picture frames complete with images of strangers in them. I told the woman that our home was a 1973 contemporary and hadn’t been updated to death. She said her boss (the magazine owner) had told her to look at our house because it was interesting and different from those they’d featured. They wanted to find unique houses in the area and ours seemed to fit the bill. She assured me, again, that this was a preliminary look and in no way was a guarantee it would be featured.

Our meeting date is October the 8th and I’ll probably know more a couple of weeks after that. I’m assuming she’ll come by, we’ll chat and she’ll take some photos so she can report everything to her editor in the next meeting. I’ll keep you posted.

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