A Year Flies By

One year ago this weekend we moved into our dream house and things really changed for us. I know, I know, I talk about my house all the time and you’re probably sick of hearing about it so feel free to ignore this post.

I think what made this move such a big one for us was what we experienced before we moved. First, we found the house and made the offer. The owner wasn’t willing to sell on a contingency so we had to sell our old one. We worked our butts off for about three weeks prepping to get it on the market. We put it up “For Sale By Owner.” We went under contract so we made another offer on this house. Our buyers bailed out during the inspection so we were back to square one. Steve lost his job. We weren’t sure what to do but Steve explained that no job meant no house either way. While he looked for a job, we went ahead as planned with our decision to move. We decided to hire a realtor to sell our house. Steve got a job. We moved and the rest is history.

During this amusement park-sized roller coaster of emotions we learned what was really important to us and we realized that, while we loved our first home together, we were escaping it too often. Dinners out and weekends away had left us feeling empty inside and our wallets weren’t faring much better! We realized we needed more space both in our home and our neighborhood. Living in the middle of town just felt too cramped. Once we got settled in our new house we began craving time at home and getting grumpy if social obligations kept us away.

Last night was the perfect example of why this house is the right one for us. We had a little party to celebrate our house anniversary and invited the people who helped us during the move. I loved having the room to entertain, having enough seating in the living room for everyone to be comfortable and celebrating with my family and friends. Here’s to many more celebrations of life, love and the perfect home!

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  1. Great party last night and thanks for letting us be part of not only the party but making your first year in your home special. I may have only helped paint a couple of walls but I do have access to your electrician and handyman so that’s my major contribution. Here’s to many more years of fun at your place.

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