Costume Change

Once upon a time I loved dressing up for Halloween. When I was a kid I wore costumes my mom made and eventually made my own when I was older. One year I was a pumpkin. One year I was a bunch of grapes and I actually made each grape out of dyed sheets stuffed with newspaper. One year, probably the last year I trick-or-treated, I was a hobo. When I was in college I attended one costume party where I dressed as a vampire complete with a floor length cape. I slicked back my hair and used spray-on hair color to dye it black. I cleaned black color out of my ears for days! As I got older, the desire to dress up waned. I threw together a costume of scrubs one year to go bar-hopping, and my ex-husband made us a cool costume as the painting “American Gothic” but that’s it.

Somewhere along the line I lost interest in dressing up for Halloween. Costumes became a chore and I didn’t have the time, money or interest to devote to creating them. A few years ago Steve and I were invited to a party and didn’t even go because we never figured out costumes. This year, we’ve been invited to a party we really want to attend and I’m left wondering if I should create something to wear. The host of the party said we didn’t have to dress up but it seems like we’d be party poopers if we didn’t. As a normally creative person I’m at a loss. What in the world could I dress up as without a lot of time or money invested in a costume? I thought about something vintage, but at this late date I doubt there’d be much to choose from. Plus, I wear glasses which will affect the costume. How cool would Dracula be wearing trendy clear framed glasses? How sophisticated would Holly Golightly look with specs? See my dilemma?

I’m asking the good people who read this blog for ideas. What do you think I should dress up as this year?


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2 responses to “Costume Change

  1. Carrie

    You could always pull out your white trash outfits from one of Gregs parties! 🙂

  2. I could if I still had them. You know, when you move some things just don’t make the packing cut!

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