Back In Time

I have my Halloween costume ready and I’m actually excited about it. At first, Steve and I were going to go as Don and Betty Draper. Then I found a really cool wig and things changed. The wig, a bob with bangs, seemed more late 60s-early 70s rather than early 60s. Plus, it is a champagne color and not the golden blonde that Betty is. I was debating on a black dress circa late 50s and an early 1960s suit to decide my final costume. Finally, I called in the expert – Valerie.

Valerie met me at our usual spot, Funtiques, yesterday after work. I showed her the dress and she liked it but said she’d have to see it on. Then she started pulling out other pieces I had seen but not considered. I went into the back to begin the fashion show. We both decided the black dress was great and would be something I might wear again (I was thinking company Christmas party) but she wanted to see the other pieces I’d taken back. Valerie suggested I try on a textured polyester mini dress in seafoam green. I didn’t think it was large enough but it fit and we both liked it. Plus, for $8 it wasn’t bad for a costume. We took another look around before I got dressed and she pulled out a striped mini dress in chocolate, orange and white. I loved it but was sure it was too small. Nope, the belt was just tied tight and made it look much smaller than it was. The dress fit perfectly and I loved it! When I got home, I discovered I had a brown beaded headband and brown boots that would coordinate with the dress.

Tomorrow I put everything together and transform myself to another decade. This may not be the most creative costume out there, but I sure will have fun wearing it. Pics to come!

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  1. Nancy B

    Can’t wait to see the pics!

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