Welcome 2010

With temperatures in the twenties during the day and the single digits at night, January has made itself known. Happy New Year. Steve and I celebrated 2009/2010 in a low-key way with pizza and Wii games at Kevin and Valerie’s house. I think the last time I had the desire to go out and party on NYE I was 21 and thought I couldn’t ring in the new year without a party. Since then I’ve been happy with small gatherings at friends’ houses or at home.

When I was in high school, New Year’s Eve parties were huge. One of my classmates, Chris Wilson, was known for his parties. The rule was that once you arrived you weren’t allowed to leave. His parents had their party upstairs and Chris and his brother Shan had their party downstairs. Everyone left their keys with his parents and we were locked in for the night. The idea was that sometime after midnight the girls would venture upstairs and sleep in the living room while the guys slept downstairs. I really don’t remember much about that because it seemed like we never went  to sleep. I do recall one year when my best male friend and I fell asleep in a walk-in closet, but that was pretty innocent. What amazed me about these parties was how innocent they were for the time. Some people drank (this was back when parents actually bought their kids alcohol) but my friend Cindy and I showed up with our sodas and just enjoyed the party. I don’t remember any peer pressure to drink or being made fun of because I didn’t. I also don’t remember any couple pairings or sex although it probably happened. What I most remember is how much fun the parties were and how I couldn’t believe my parents let me attend them. I’m sure they thought that since Chris’s parents were upstairs we would be fine and we were.

I have daydreams of NYE parties where everyone dresses up, there’s a band and confetti and balloons drop at midnight, but the reality is that I enjoy our quiet celebrations. Spending the last night of the year with friends and loved ones is the perfect way to welcome in a new one.

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