Back to School

As an artist I often feel the need to hone my skills and learn new ones. Most of the time I just create something new in the studio, but every few years I have the urge to return to school. The metals program at MSU is a good one and being friends with the instructor is a plus because I know her teaching methods and like her class. Being friends with her also has its disadvantages as she knows my skills better than anyone and knows how to push me. Plus, I can’t cut any corners with her!

A couple of weeks ago, while debating how to push myself artistically in the coming year, I asked her what she had in mind to teach the Intermediate class. She said she was thinking of devoting an entire semester to rings. She’d do a granulated piece, one with moving parts, one using negative space and other designs she hadn’t thought of yet. It sounded interesting even though I granulate all the time and I’ve already made a ring with a moving part. Thing is, I rarely make rings so I figured this would be a good way for me to design something different. Rings are tricky because of sizing them and I want to practice more sizing in case I want to add rings to my work. Plus, I rarely set stones and I thought this would be a good way for me to explore interesting stone settings.

Today is the first day of class and I’m a little excited because Sarah asked me to demonstrate granulation. I was very flattered when she told me that she thinks I’m better at it than she and I should demo today. I hold her skills in such high regard and have so much respect for her work that it’s an honor to be asked to do this. The downside is that since I granulate all the time, she’s going to expect my granulated ring project to be above and beyond what I normally do. I have one idea in mind but I’ll share that later should I decide to pursue it.

In the meantime, I have a bag that needs to be packed with tools and supplies. Look for updates on my projects and pictures soon!

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