Just A Sample

Yesterday I finished my first piece for class. It’s only a sample since the first assignment is to combine granulation with stone setting. I decided that since I’d done a couple of granulated bands, I’d try to create something different. The piece is four granulated sections that are curved. They set apart so you can see your finger through them. I was really pleased with the outcome, but not happy that it didn’t fit the finger I originally sized it for! This is why I’m taking this class, to learn about creating rings and how to size them properly. Granulating four sections was easier than on a solid band, but putting them together was tricky. The hardest part was keeping the walls from falling over when I soldered them. One did fall, but I managed to rescue it before the solder flowed.

For the stone setting project, I’m planning to use some river rocks I gathered in Gatlinburg, TN while I was at Arrowmont two years ago. They are special to me because I picked them up on my birthday when the class went out for a picnic lunch to celebrate. It was so much fun! I’ll keep you posted on how it’s coming along.

In the meantime, here’s my sample project:

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