And So It Goes

I’m in week two of the Pavel Plan, as I’m calling it, and things are going well. Actually, it’s not hard to follow and I’ve realized that if I don’t start to eat something I don’t really crave it. I am allowed three “cheat meals” each week and used two of them last weekend. We met Ralph, Blair and the kiddos at Bob and Emilie’s house (Bob is Ralph’s godfather) for a weekend of Kansas City fun. Bob and Emilie have an indoor swimming pool so they rank quite high with the six and under crowd. When we arrived the girls were already in the pool and their fingers were starting to prune!

Emilie is a great cook and she wowed us with her creations. Friday night was a simple, but delicious, dinner of pulled pork and cheese grits with some great wine. It was a nice cheat meal and I enjoyed it in moderation. Good thing because Saturday night’s meal was amazing. We had beef tenderloin with Gorgonzola cream sauce, sauteed green beans, fennel and orange salad, potatoes and pear tart for dessert. Thank goodness the courses were spread over a couple of hours! I still went to bed feeling very full and bloated, but it was a memorable meal and fun evening.

I learned that I can stick to my plan without seeming high-maintenance. I had egg whites, avocado and fruit for breakfast, salmon salad for lunch and splurged on dinner. I’m already planning my cheat meals for the weekend which must include pizza because I’ve been craving it lately. We’ve been invited to friends house for dinner Saturday night so I’m looking forward to fresh spring rolls and hot and sour soup. It’s the knowing I have wiggle room on the weekend that helps me stick to my plan. Plus, I admit, I do feel better when I eat well!

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  1. Carrie

    Good job Tammy! I am very proud of you.

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