Identity Crisis

I think this next ring project just may end my career as a metalsmith. Not really, but it’s been such a huge challenge that I still have no idea what I’m going to create and I’ve been working on ideas for almost two weeks. The assignment is to create an identity ring, something that symbolizes you as a person. Sure, it might sound easy, but it’s a much deeper assignment than I thought it would be.

I started out by making a list of things I like that seem to scream “Tammy.” I took them to Sarah who pointed out that I wasn’t thinking about my true identity. What makes me, me? Hmm, upon further self-inspection I’ve come to the conclusion that my sense of humor is what makes me special. Ok, so how do I make a funny ring? Steve and I talked about it over coffee Saturday morning and he pointed out that my use of puns is something he identifies with me. Ok, so now I have sense of humor and puns. Now what?

I’ve thought about things that are “rings” like onion ring, telephone ring, circus ring, etc and am not inspired. Then I thought about making a ring with a little horse on it so when someone wants to see it, I can tell them they’re feeling a little horse (hoarse). Bad, I know, but it makes me laugh. Still…it’s not quite gelling with me. Ideas and thoughts anyone? I’m especially appealing to my mom who taught me how to be a smart ass in the first place!

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  1. Way to put the pressure on me! If I’m the queen, you are the princess-in-waiting and doing a darned good job of taking over the throne. I’m not feeling it with the horse idea. Getting ready to let Mulligan take me on a run – let’s see what creative juices pop into the brain while the endorphins are getting in gear today. I’ll get back to you – hopefully with a good idea but there are no guarantees.

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