Positive I’m Negative

Today I turn in my second ring project.  The assignment was to explore positive and negative space within the design. While it’s almost impossible to ignore positive/negative space when designing a ring, the goal was to celebrate it.

My first idea was to incorporate the river rock with garnet set in it like I did on the last ring. I started shaping the silver part of the band and realized that the design was stronger without the rock. I changed it to just include the garnet set in a tube and I think it was a successful change. Here’s a side view of the piece:

Here’s a view of the inside. This ring is designed to fit on my index finger.

I had two designs in mind so Sarah suggested I make the second design too. Normally I wouldn’t go quite that far into over-achieverland, but both designs came together quickly so I had time to do the second one. I’d like to do a series of these changing different parts of the design. Here’s the side view:

Here’s the top. Both rings have the same faux garnets set in them but this one looks much more red. Chalk it up to crappy photography!

I have the design decided for my identity ring and will post details in the future. Stay tuned!

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