Organizational Skills

On Wednesday I received an email from Valerie asking if I was interested in having a garage sale. Having vowed in the past never to have another one, I naturally said yes. Thus began an avalanche of weekend projects for Steve and I.

Saturday Steve wanted to spend some time working and getting organized for the upcoming week and I had afternoon plans with Valerie so I knew we couldn’t accomplish much. I did manage to organize the attic, push bins of garage sale crap to the opening so we could put it in the garage and get three loads of laundry done before I left the house. Steve had plenty of time to organize his week and promised we’d work together in the garage on Sunday.

Today we spent some time drinking our coffee and enjoying the paper before getting started. The only thing I needed to accomplish inside was vacuuming but I didn’t want to do that until we were done traipsing in and out of the garage. I suggested we set up a card table and start putting garage sale crap in our empty plastic bins. We would tackle pricing and cleaning later. We started at one end of the garage and organized one section at a time. Steve and I both are easily distracted during projects so we really tried to keep each other focused on the area we were cleaning. Halfway through we took a break to take things inside we wanted out of the garage and to have lunch. Once inside, we stayed focused on putting away the things we’d brought in before heading back out. The last thing I wanted was a clean garage and a messy house. We did take a little time to arrange my children’s books in the loft and create a lovely reading space for my favorite nieces. I now have my beloved Little House On The Prairie books, my Trixie Beldon and Nancy Drew books and my Charlie Brown dictionary set on the shelves. I even have a small table and lamp which makes it a perfect reading spot.

Here’s the other side with the twin mattress providing a nice place to lounge.

Once the loft was organized and arranged it was time for us to go back to the garage. That didn’t last long as Steve got a call from work (and is currently back on the phone with them) so I continued cleaning his workbench. Normally I would never mess with his work space, but he hasn’t really set it up yet so it’s become a dumping ground for assorted crap. I put things in piles so he could sift thought them once he was done with his call. In no time we had the workbench clean, the shelves re-organized and all the garage sale stuff boxed and stored until the sale (May 7-8 at Valerie’s).

I’m finishing the vacuuming and Steve’s back on the phone with work. Once that’s done and I’ve had a shower I think we both deserve a beer.


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2 responses to “Organizational Skills

  1. Suzanne

    Trixie Beldon! I had them all. Sweet reading memories 🙂

  2. Miriam Green

    Nice work! We too hung out in our garage this weekend – cleaning, sorting, and moving some stuff to our soon to be new rental house! Found it very liberating to throw some crap I hadn’t looked at in years away!!! Do share the location of that garage sale – I’ll spread the word.

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