Tech Support

I admit I’m a little spoiled since I live with a man who can fix almost anything technical. I take for granted the fact that my computer works well and has updated software, my television remotes talk to each other and my iPhone has a remote that controls my stereo. All of this is thanks to the amazing mind of my husband, Steve. All of his knowledge means that I tend to take for granted that he can figure out anything technical and don’t get overly impressed. Yesterday, he impressed the heck out of me and reminded me that his mind works on a different level than most people I know.

I arrived at work and started planning my day which included updates on our website. When I got on the Internet my homepage, which is our website, would not load. I tried another program. Nope, nothing. I sent an email to the company who designed and hosts our website copying the error message I’d received. In the meantime, I tried other webpages to check if it was a problem with the Internet in general or our website. Since other pages worked, I knew the problem was unique to our page.

An hour or so later, the owner of the company, Barron (yep, that’s his real name) called me to help me solve the problem. We went through a series of checks and restarted the computer  but couldn’t get the page to load. We tried to access it on another computer and it was fine so the problem was specific to my computer. I told him I’d call our regular IT guy, since I knew Steve was having a busy day, and see if he could help. Unfortunately, I left two messages with him and never heard back. Apparently he was having a busy day too.

Last night Steve wanted to go look at glasses so we headed to the mall after dinner. On the way, I began telling him about my website problem. I started at the very beginning by telling Steve I’d received an email last week from Barron letting me know our website was being moved to a new, more secure server and I would have to login to my email on Monday with my username and password. Before I could continue Steve said, “Let me guess. Your computer didn’t ask for your username and password.” I was stunned. He was right and when I told him he informed me that he knew exactly what the problem was and that he could walk me through it over the phone on Thursday when I work again.

I was really impressed. I’d spent most of my day, off and on, working with Barron and trying to get a hold of the other computer guy and no one could figure out what was wrong. I start telling Steve the story and he’s figured out the problem before I can even finish! I’m amazed at his knowledge and am constantly surprised at how quickly he can figure out things. I’m so glad I married him. I mean, I love him and all, but the tech support is a great added bonus!

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