If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know about how I changed my eating habits a few months ago. Steve joined in too and we’ve been eating the Pavel way ever since. It’s really quite easy once we got the hang of it and the benefits far outweigh the cravings. Plus, knowing we have three cheat meals a week means we can pass up temptations that come our way.

Since we started the plan, Steve has lost 20 pounds and I’ve lost 7 plus about 4% body fat. I’m pleased with the results but try to stay realistic about where I’m headed. I understand I will never have a flat stomach, will probably never be a size smaller than I am now and could gain it all back in an instant. Steve, on the other hand, is viewing his success quite differently.

He’s thrilled to be wearing pants in a size he hasn’t worn in years. While I tend to still look at the flaws and the areas I need to work on, Steve is excited about his progress and the fact his clothes are getting too big and his stomach is so much flatter. This morning he wanted to show me how slim he looked in his work clothes. And he did look slim. I’m really proud of him for keeping up his healthy eating habits because I know food is something he really enjoys.

I just think it’s funny how men and women view their successes and themselves. Steve sees the positive changes he’s made and how they are affecting him. I see how much more work I need to do despite all my success. I’m beginning to think I might need to take some cues from him and start celebrating what I do like about myself rather than focusing on what I don’t.

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