I Got Better

It’s Thursday and my week has gotten better since my last post. Steve managed to get hot water flowing again, the gym was back to its air conditioned comfort on Tuesday and my defective shoes have been exchanged with the new pair arriving just in time for me to wear them out this weekend.

Steve has been on vacation this week and he had several goals: power wash the deck, stain it, work on the landscaping and read a book. I think the only thing he completely accomplished was power washing the deck, but I think he’s had a good week. Frankly, I thought the landscaping job was a bit much and the deck needs more prepping before the stain can be applied but he did so much to start the process. He wanted to read a book, but never picked one out so he just had to be content playing “Call of Duty” on his XBox. Poor guy.

This weekend is his 40th birthday and we’re celebrating with my sister and brother-in-law. It will be fun hanging around my nieces who are already planning Uncle Steve’s Iron Man 2 themed party. Saturday night the grown-ups are headed to dinner downtown. Steve wants to start with drinks at an English Pub called The Royal Mile and we’ll dine on French food at Django. I know that even if the meal is cold or the service is bad we’ll have a great time.

Hope everyone is happy, cool and safe this holiday weekend!

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