Rewind Today, Please

I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed in the first place, but I had no idea the craptastic day ahead of me. I did my usual wake up/drink water/take vitamins routine before heading to the gym with no sign of the impending doom. Steve started his first day of vacation so we went together but in separate cars so he could meet the AT&T guy back here by 8 a.m. We got to the gym around 7 and it was already hot. Pavel said he’d had the air going full blast since 5 a.m. and things weren’t getting any cooler so he figured the air was out. He turned it off and opened the doors. Although the gym is small, one large fan just wasn’t enough to keep us comfortable. Luckily, the treadmills have fans built into them so doing my cardio wasn’t horrible. At least we do a morning workout. I’d hate to be headed over there tonight.

I arrived home to no phone or Internet as the AT&T guy was working on the line. The good thing was that Steve had brewed a nice pot of coffee and had the paper waiting. I fixed my lunch and started to clean up the blender from Steve’s breakfast shake. Hmm, I wasn’t getting any hot water. Come to think of it, I didn’t have much hot water yesterday afternoon when I took my shower and I wasn’t getting any last night when I washed my face. I chalked it all up to being too impatient to wait for the water and the loads of laundry I’d done yesterday using hot water. But this morning I didn’t have any excuses. Sure enough, the water heater was dead.

I had to go to work and I actually thought about taking a cold shower, but talked myself into returning to the gym (which was getting hotter by the hour) to shower. I raced over there, showered and returned home to get ready for work. Steve was relaxed through the whole thing but all I was thinking about was how he was going to lose a day working on the deck project. Still, hot water is a bit more important. I left for work with Steve assuring me he’d take care of the situation. Turns out, the water heater was just 2 months away from the warranty expiring so all he had to do was drain it, haul it downstairs and return it to Lowe’s for a replacement. We ended up with a better, more efficient model for a mere $35 more.

I wanted him to call a plumber, but he chatted with Valerie’s brother Darin (who is a plumber) who advised Steve to do it himself. Since Steve had installed our last water heater and uninstalled this one, he felt confident he could do it. Our neighbor’s son came over to help him haul the thing upstairs and he’s currently working on the install. We should be running hot water by the time I go to bed.

So it guess it doesn’t sound like too bad of a day, but I did have another incident at work. I was wearing my killer new shoes when I discovered one of the grommets had come undone on the top. Grr, now they will have to be exchanged and I know they won’t have another one in my size which means I’ll have to have one shipped and I won’t have them for Steve’s birthday dinner out on Saturday. What’s a fashionable girl to do? Maybe buy a new pair? Nope, not in the budget. Oh well, I’ll keep my feet under the table and no one will notice!

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