Decked Out

Aside from the kick-ass architecture and design of our house, one of the best features is the deck. Built off of the dining room (which is a story up from the ground) the deck juts out into the trees making it feel like a treehouse. The best part is that the mosquitoes don’t seem as thick at that level so I don’t get eaten alive every night.

With part of our garage sale money, Steve and I invested in a table and four chairs. Since the deck is two levels, we decided to put the table and chairs near the door and grill for an outdoor dining experience. It’s wonderful. That it, wonderful when it doesn’t rain which it’s been doing almost non-stop for the past two weeks. Still, we’ve managed to enjoy two meals at our table and wonder how in the world we managed this long without one.

Next week Steve is taking time off to enjoy a little vacation in honor of his upcoming 40th birthday and plans to work on re-staining the deck. Once the stain is done, we’re going to install some accent lighting so we can enjoy the deck all evening. After all that work it just might be time to throw a party. We’ll keep you posted.

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