It’s rare that I write a serious post, but I’ve had some things on my mind lately and wanted to share. We’re facing a busy summer of milestone birthdays (three 40th birthdays in six weeks!), regular birthdays and a big wedding celebration. The obligations, cost and time commitments are stressful and we’ve been trying to figure out how to make it all work and have fun while doing it.

We want to participate in everything. All these events center around family and friends so it’s not like we don’t want to be a part of them. It’s just, well, we wish they were spaced a bit further apart! Try cramming three 40th birthday celebrations, two additional birthdays, a rehearsal dinner party and a wedding all in six weeks and see how you feel about it.

The bottom line here is that as we plan these events we are reminded of how loved we are. We know that we are important to our friends and family and being involved in their celebrations is our way of showing them how much we love them. Steve and I have had several moments this weekend where we’ve looked around our house then looked at each other and said how blessed we are. It’s not just about what we have, it’s who we have in our lives. We’re happy to share in these moments just as we hope they are happy to share in ours. But I still want my own birthday celebration!

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