Things I Don’t Understand

Have you ever seen something/someone and wondered what in the world was going on with them? Or have you ever wondered why some people are considered celebrities? I got to thinking about the things that make me go “huh?” and thought I’d share them. The list is long, so I’ve edited it a little!

Things that make me go “huh?”

1. Wearing scarves in the summer. I don’t understand the desire to wrap something around your neck when it’s 90+ degrees outside. I don’t care how light or gauzy the scarf is, it’s going to be hot wadded all up around your neck. Plus, it looks ridiculous paired with shorts. Just sayin’.

2. Driving/riding in a convertible with the top down and all the windows up. Wtf? A convertible is going to be windy. Period. Don’t want wind? Don’t take the top down.

3. Evening shorts. Yes, there really is such a thing. Make them out of brocade, satin, silk, whatever but they are still a pair of shorts. Want to show off some leg? Wear a mini skirt.

4. Wearing Uggs in the summer with shorts. Forget the comfort factor, the look is just horrible. The boots are hot! They are the only things that keep my feet really warm in the winter so I can’t imagine wanting to wear them in the summer.

5. Couples who live in ridiculously large houses. Our paper has a Sunday feature called “Home of the Week” which spotlights houses in the area. Aside from the horrid decor, I’m struck by how large the houses are and how only two people live there. Sure, I understand the whole “extended family” thing, but who wants to clean it? And why have 2-3 living areas, 4-6 bedrooms, 4-6 bathrooms and more just for every day living? Family can stay in hotels or sleep on the floor when they visit!

6. Couples who never fight. BORING! I also figure they are either just not talking to each other in general or are lying. Everyone fights. Everyone gets hurt now and then. The most successful couples communicate and work out their problems.

7. People with no hobbies. Don’t tell me you’re not artistic or talented because hobbies have nothing to do with that. I just can’t imagine going through life with no interests besides work or family. Read a book! Learn to bake! Garden! Do something!

8. Botox. ‘Nuff said.

9. People with no sense of humor. How boring must their lives be?

10. Why in the hell the Gosselins are celebrities.

What are things you don’t understand (besides quantum physics or rocket science)? Share!

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  1. Suzanne

    Sweet revenge against long-term Botox users — studies are now indicating that the toxin can migrate from the face to the brain. “Botulism neurotoxin can disrupt nerve cells’ ability to communicate and may change spinal cord circuitry, the authors wrote in the study.”

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