Happy Birthday, Julia!

Seven years ago today, my sister called me on the way to the hospital to tell me she was in labor. At that point, she was still convinced she was having a boy, but I assured her we all wanted a girl. A few hours later, Julia Ferne entered the world. She was a beautiful baby (yeah, yeah everyone says that, but it’s true) and has been a delight ever since.

Julia is an active, creative girl who benefits from her parents strict limits of television and computer games. My sister is a great mom who has encouraged both girls to use their imagination to entertain themselves. Julia is quite an artist and loves to draw and paint. Like her Aunt Tammy, she doesn’t like getting dirty, but she produces great artwork!

Julia is also a serious planner. When it came to planning her Uncle Steve’s birthday, she had the whole surprise coordinated. She even told me how she was going to get Steve and Blair (her dad) out of the house while we decorated for the party. She’s quite a hoot.

The best thing about Julia is hearing her say, “I love you, Aunt Tammy.” Julia, I love you too, more than words can say. Happy Birthday!

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