Happy Birthday, Mom!

I always envied the people with birthdays that fell during the school year because they got a party at school and everyone got cupcakes. I also envied fall/winter birthdays because the weather was chilly, my favorite. I wonder if my mom felt like one of the lucky kids because her birthday fell in the fall. Far enough from Christmas and well into the school year, I imagine she had fun celebrating with her classmates.Make no mistake, I had many exciting summer birthday parties so I’m not here to complain.

I’m happy to report that, as an adult, I don’t find my mom nearly as annoying as I did when I was a kid. And I’m sure she feels the same way about me! Actually, I imagine had I had children, they’d be raised with the same discipline and values she instilled in my sister and me. Proof of her mothering is evident in the way my nieces are being raised. She wasn’t one to take any crap off us.

I learned the importance of thanking people in handwritten notes and was often told if I didn’t write them in a timely manner, I would not be enjoying my presents. I also learned to own my mistakes, say “I’m sorry” when it was necessary, and not blame everyone around me for my problems. I also learned to enjoy a good joke, especially a pun. Basically, she didn’t try to be my friend while I was growing up, she tried to be my mother.

And I gave her a good run for her money time and time again. I had (have) a smart mouth and tended to blurt out my opinions often. This meant I learned the taste of bar soap at an early age. I’m sure I said many hateful, hurtful things to her during my rebellious teenage years, but I really didn’t mean them. Well, I may have at the time, but I certainly don’t now.

My entire life I’ve been told I look like my mother, to which I responded with eye rolling and, “I’ve heard that before.” Now I joke that I’m really adopted, but am seriously glad we resemble each other. While I don’t always love my figure (who does?) I hope I look as young and vibrant at 65 as she does. Oops! I just revealed her age! Well, I hope she’ll forgive me because she should be proud of how great she looks. She’s physically active, has a positive outlook on life and truly seizes the day each and every day.

Happy Birthday mom and Happy Anniversary to you and Burl. May you have many more “birthaversaries” to celebrate in the future. I love you.

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  1. Cindy

    You’re such a good daughter. Happy birthday, Anne.

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