That Smell

Fragrance has always played a strong role in my life. I remember my grandmother’s Ombre Rose and Estee Lauder White Linen perfumes. My grandfather wore Grey Flannel and my dad wore Old Spice. My mom wore Jean Nate for years until she discovered Obsession. My first grown-up fragrance was Babe by Faberge, even though I asked for Love’s Baby Soft. In high school, all the cool guys wore Polo by Ralph Lauren. I wore Enjoli, Tatiana or Gloria Vanderbilt. In short, I’ve developed a nose  for fragrance and can identify many of them instantly. Although my tastes have changed, I love catching a whiff of a past fragrance and remembering that time in my life.

When I met Steve, he wore Crest by Ralph Lauren. I loved the way it smelled on him. It was discontinued a few years later, but he still wears many fragrances from the Ralph Lauren collection. I like that they’re manly and subtle at the same time. Plus, the scents remind me of him and I admit I love sniffing his shirts when he’s away! However, I wonder if I’d have been as attracted to him had he worn something called this:

Hmm, when it says, “It’s Baaad,” are they talking about the smell or the attitude? I’m guessing it’s the smell. I imagine the man who wears this probably likes gold chains and his shirts unbuttoned to his navel. Yes, I’m stereotyping but can you blame me? Perhaps I’d be more attracted to the rugged,outdoorsy type:

Is it a cologne or Cher’s new son? This guy is telling the world he’s still a cowboy despite being dressed up in a tux. I’m willing to bet the fragrance is a blend of sweat, manure and whiskey. Perhaps something sportier:

Mmm, rugged. Hey, if it’s good enough for Joe Namath, it must be good enough for the average Joe, right? Besides, according to this ad, he doesn’t need it presumably because he smells so good on his own. Perhaps we should smell what the girls are wearing:

This was my favorite when I was in college. I adored the rich, spicy smell and always felt so chic when I wore it. I recently sniffed it again and about gagged. Too heavy! But the 80s were all about excess and I loved my heavy perfume. Here’s one I remember but never wore:

Can you believe this crap?! The copy reads, “Behind every great woman, there’s a man.” Ok, perhaps they are referring to Pierre Cardin, but still! With that, I think our trip down memory lane is over. What are you wearing today? I’ll be spritzing on my Stella by Stella McCartney.


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2 responses to “That Smell

  1. Suz

    Fragrance to me is like a mood ring – changes all the time! Today is DKNY/Cashmere Mist, Herman’s favorite…but I also wear Burberry/Brit, Burberry/London, Stella McCartney (original), Marc Jacobs/Essence, Coach, and Issey Miyake in the summers (sentimental, reminds me of a trip to Amsterdam)…almost all have notes of sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot, so at least I am consistent.

    I remember you wearing Opium! At that time, I was wearing Lutece — everyone else in the dorm was wearing Obsession…we had to be different 😉

  2. You and I were never known for our desire to conform, that’s for sure!

    My problem with most fragrances is that they change dramatically on me. All Chanel perfumes end up smelling like Deep Woods Off once they’re on me!

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