Out! Out, Damned Snot!

I rarely get sick. Matter of fact, it’s been two years since I can remember being sick. But when I do get sick, it’s best to keep a distance because it’s not a pretty sight. You know how some people are deemed “angry drunks?” Well, I’m an “angry sick.”

It all started on Christmas Eve when we began our trip to Des Moines. I felt that familiar tickle in the back of my throat telling me that I was getting sick. I stocked up on my vitamins, guzzled water like I was in the desert and made sure I got plenty of sleep. I really didn’t feel bad, but I knew my body was starting a fight. Tuesday it hit like a blizzard: I was sick. And mad. I. Don’t. Get. Sick. I don’t. I take care of myself. I exercise regularly, eat right (most of the time), drink lots of water and take my vitamins. But someone and their nasty virus managed to break through my Fort Knox immune system. Naturally, I want to find that person and beat them up, but that’s just me being mad about being sick. I don’t think I’d actually do that.

The worst part (aside from the attitude I give the people around me)? The “help” everyone seems to offer. No, nothing good, except Suzanne’s lemon hint. No, I get “yeah, you’re in for a long haul.” Or, “I had that for three weeks. It’s going to get worse.” Thanks a lot.

And don’t baby me, for god’s sake. I don’t like it. I’m the strong one here and I don’t like not being in charge. Although, I did really appreciate Steve running to the store (twice) today for chicken soup ingredients and lemons. He even respected my wishes to do soup healthy and didn’t get me the canned variety. The guy needs a medal for dealing with me while I’m ill. And my printer, Danny Correll, took pity on me yesterday while I was in the shop and made me some hot tea for the road and gave me a Cepacol when I was losing my voice.

I’ll live, that much is for sure. I’ll get a lot of rest, try not to over-do it at the gym, drink lots of liquids and take my vitamins.And when I’m well, I’ll be a much happier person to be around. In the meantime, you’ve been warned.

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