You Say You Want A Resolution

Making New Years resolutions has never been my thing, but I do like to think about the year ahead and make plans for improvement. I figure I’ll do my best and try not to beat myself up too badly should I falter, and I can guarantee I will.

My mom always told me that whatever I do on New Year’s day sets the tone for the year. While battling a cold isn’t what I hope to be doing for much longer, I will say the day was good. Steve was motivated to hit some sales and wanted to leave the house as soon as we’d finished our coffee. Now, you know I’m sick when I’m the one whining about shopping, but I wanted to spend the day with him so I agreed. We still had a couple of returns to make so we headed out to Barnes and Noble and the mall for some retail therapy. The first sign of a good year was returning a calendar Steve had bought me and getting three in return! I love waiting until the sales. Next up was the mall where Steve scored some bargain cords at Banana Republic and I determined there was nothing I wanted or needed. I did find some great Coach boots at Dillard’s that were on sale with an additional 50% off the price and, are you ready for this, I didn’t get them. Yep, I turned down a pair of shoes. Honestly, they were awesome but I have so many things on my wish list that I figured I’d hold out for something else. Plus, I’ll see if they’re still around at 75% off and then get them!

Steve was itching to cook and since we didn’t get together with Valerie and Kevin for NYE, we invited them over for dinner. Steve made an amazing beef stew from his new Joy of Cooking cookbook, and we had a hearty meal complete with Mississippi Mud Cake made by Valerie’s mom. We then retreated to the living room, where Steve had built a great fire, and watched Despicable Me. Cute, but those Pixar people can do cartoons much better.

The best part of the day was only waking up once during the night to have a coughing fit. That meant I actually got some decent sleep. I think I’m on the mend and getting well is about the best New Years resolution I can make. As for the other things I have planned for the year? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned to my blog to hear about them. Happy New Year, everyone!

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