I need a vacation. I don’t care if I go anywhere, I just need a break from my normal routine. I think my boss agrees because she’s been telling me that if I need some time off, all I have to do is ask. Perhaps it’s been my bad attitude and constant crabbiness that makes her think I need the time off. She’s right, of course. I’ve been a bear to deal with and my attitude has been horrible. I think a vacation just might do the trick.

I’m not planning to go anywhere, although I did toy with the idea of visiting my sister for a few days. I think what I really want is the ability to create my own schedule. I’m not going to work or go to the gym next week. What I want to do is get up without the alarm, walk around the neighborhood, work in my studio, work on projects that need to get done and just enjoy my time. Sounds like a vacation to me!

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  1. Suzanne Gundlach

    Having a total break in my schedule is usually when I get a burst of new creativity! Enjoy yourself.

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