Fun With Mom

Every Mother’s Day I ask mom what she’d like to do knowing she probably wants to take a long walk/hike somewhere. I don’t mind it at all. We enjoy spending time together and catching up on all the news (gossip) we know. Since she’s been living in Arizona all winter, we haven’t had the opportunity to have dinner or just hang out in a while so I was thrilled when she suggested a trip to Branson for a day of shopping and a late lunch.

We left Springfield shortly before noon and made the TJ Maxx in Branson our first stop. We do love our bargains. Mom scored some crop pants from Talbot’s and a great army green dress I encouraged her to try on. Don’t know if she’ll keep it, but it’s really cute. I scored a purse, because we all know I need another purse. Actually, I’ve been looking for a neutral purse in either gray, cognac or natural leather. However, like everything in my world, I’m very picky about my bags. Cheap too. They must be leather, one strap, hobo style (preferably), lightweight, etc, etc. I found a Coach bag that wasn’t covered in sequins or logos in their Ergo style that had sadly been discontinued a few years ago. And it was a terrific shade of gray! Thanks to my jewelry show I had some extra cash so I bought it and love it.

But enough about my purchases, this was Mother’s Day! From TJs we went to the Branson Landing so mom could redeem a coupon (mom? coupon? shocking!). We weren’t interested in any other stores at the Landing, but we were very interested in lunch at Cantina Lauredo, a great Mexican place. I’d called on Saturday to see if they had any late afternoon spots open and had been told they were completely booked all day and into the evening. I told mom we should just head over there and see if anyone had cancelled. Apparently they weren’t that booked because we were seated immediately on the patio overlooking the lake. We indulged in some great fresh guacamole and split the enchiladas. We skipped the margaritas, but made up for the calories with some great chips.

The whole time we chatted and laughed and enjoyed spending time together. Thanks mom for being a great mom and now, a great friend!

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