Back To Work

Well, the vacation’s over and it’s time to resume my normal weekly activities. I started the day at the gym, which I did miss last week. I don’t think I’ve ever taken an entire week off from my workout routine, but I think it’s something everyone needs to do occasionally. It’s good to reset the mind and body. I told Pavel I wanted to start a new routine this morning, which I did, and I was ready for the challenge.

I also have to return to work – sigh. I really enjoyed my time at home, but I do like being around people (and I love a paycheck) so it’s not all bad. I had a nice long to-do list last week and I’m pleased to report all but two things got done. The two items that I didn’t complete I started so they should be done soon. It was nice having the time to work on projects without looking at the clock. I also enjoyed not showering until after lunch!

The weather was great, at least until Friday when a cold front arrived with some rain. Tonight we’re under a freeze advisory and I’m beginning to think my poor flowers are doomed. Sounds like another project for the to-do list! Have a good week, everyone.

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