Happy Birthday Lydia!

Today, I wish a very happy birthday to my youngest niece, Lydia, who turns six years old. I remember the phone call I received the morning of her birth. Ralph called me on the way to the hospital in a minor panic because she just knew she was having a boy and hadn’t committed to a name. Luckily, Lydia was a girl and has been delighting us ever since.

Lydia is very different from her reserved older sister. Lydia (or Lydsters as we call her) has an opinion for just about everything and isn’t afraid to voice it. She loves clothing (much to her aunt’s delight), loves her Care Bears and is know for the funny things she says – Lydia-isms. She isn’t afraid to talk to people and enjoys being the center of attention (but not in a bratty way).

I chatted with Ralph this morning who informed me that Lydia was telling everyone, and I mean everyone, it was her birthday. Ah, the joys of youth! Later today, she is being surprised with a trip to the hair stylist for a feather extension. Then she’ll go home and get to unwrap some presents. I sure hope she likes the outfit we sent her – watermelon pink skinny jeans, a lt. blue tee and a fleece vest with the same colors to tie the whole thing together. As long as she wants clothing, you can be sure I’ll be happy to provide them to her!

Lydia, you are a delight and a beautiful little girl. Uncle Steve and I love you very much and wish you a very happy sixth birthday!

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