Steel Worker

I admit I haven’t paid much attention to my blog, but I have an excuse because I’ve found a new love. Don’t worry, Steve is still my #1, but mild steel is coming in a close second.

My good friend Sarah mentioned that she would be assigning her class a project in steel and I was intrigued. Steel comes in many forms and has both good and bad properties. Bad: it does not hold heat well which makes soldering tricky. Bad: it rusts. Good: it’s really strong so designs can be light. Good: it’s cheap. Best of all is that it’s something new for me and I love a challenge.

I made some changes in my studio including a new batch of pickle (a mild acid solution used after soldering) for steel only and labeling old files for steel use only since I didn’t want to dull my good ones. Other than that, I was ready.

At Sarah’s recommendation, I read an article on soldering steel so I knew some of the tricks. The rest has been trial and error. Below are my first pair of earrings using steel. They have sterling silver and 22k gold accents.















Since these, I’ve made a couple more pair and am currently working on a cuff bracelet. All of my final pieces will be shown in October at Waverly House. After that show, I’ll introduce the new line. Until then, don’t count on too many more photos. You have to attend the show to see all the goodies!

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