Um, Thanks?

I had some time yesterday afternoon so I thought I’d go thrifting. Having been to my usual haunts recently (DAV, Goodwill), I thought I’d hit some of the resale shops I hadn’t visited in a while. The staff of one knows me well as I’ve sold my clothes there in the past. Plus, the older staffer knows my dad and always asks about him. When I walked through the door, they greeted me enthusiastically and said they’d been thinking of me as they’d seen my photo in a local magazine. We caught up and the older lady and I got into this conversation:

Her: You look great.

Me: Thanks, you too.

Her: You’ve really kept your weight off.

Me (what I said): Um, thanks. It’s a lot of work.  (What I thought): What the $%&#? Did ya think I was going to pork up or something?

In her defense, I really think she meant it as a compliment, however it didn’t come across as one. I guess I’m just always amazed at what comes out of people’s mouth. Oh well. She kindly asked about my dad and told me to tell him hello the next time I talked to him. Problem is, I can’t remember her name!

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