The 4/16 Celebration

Today Steve and I celebrate our 16th anniversary, or our 4th anniversary if you’re counting our actual wedding day which was February 29th. And yes, we planned it that way. I find it amusing when I tell people our anniversary date and they asked me if we planned it that way. Uh, yeah, we did!

Sixteen years. No, they have not been perfect years, but they have been really good ones. We both have more gray hair and a little more wisdom, but that’s about it. Truth is, we have a really good partnership and I wouldn’t trade Steve for anyone else in the world.

In the gift department, we decided to go low-key this year and concentrate on taking care of other financial goals. We were going to take a weekend trip, but decided a nice weekend at home with no obligations or plans would suit us better. I’m looking forward to it and I know Steve is too. The most important thing to us about celebrating a marriage is concentrating on what makes our union strong. I think it’s our ability to communicate and work together on our problems.

Tonight we’re planning a nice meal out (a treat for us) and we’re going to celebrate by getting dressed up and making the meal an occasion. Yes, I’m actually going to wear a dress. I’ll take photos. This morning, we exchanged gifts and I was excited to give Steve something I’d been working on for the past two weeks. Actually, it’s something for both of us since I made myself one too. I made us matching rings symbolizing our 16 years together. The ring band is steel and the lines are sterling silver and 22K gold. There are 16 lines with the 4th line being the 22K gold. The rims are sterling. I think they turned out pretty well and Steve loved his.













Happy 16th anniversary, Steve! Here’s to 16 more wonderful years together!

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