Open Sesame

Last week was a little rough at the Kirks household. Our anniversary celebration was nice, but we had a few stressors during the week. First, the garage door opener quit working, then Tidbit got sick, finally, a tornado hit Branson and affected Steve’s work. In the end, things worked out, but it was a little crazy for a while.

Living without a garage door opener is doable, but not fun. Thankfully, we didn’t have to get out of the car and open the door in the rain. Yes, I know we sound incredibly spoiled, especially when we think of all the people who lost homes in the tornados. We are thankful to have our home and health.

Steve did some research and determined the garage door had a part that was stripped (or something like that) and could be replaced for about $30, which was good since we are on a budget. He talked to a couple of guys in the office who have done that sort of repair and told him it would be easy, but we both started thinking that maybe it was time to invest in a whole new unit. Fortunately, Lowe’s had them on sale so we bit the bullet, decided not to go out of town, and spend the money on a new garage door opener. Yes, we like to live on the edge.

Ok, the unit was bought, now we had to put it together and install it. We’re not the most handy people so I admit I was a little leery of the whole thing. Steve spent an hour or so Saturday morning reading the instructions and declared it was pretty straightforward. I agreed to assist. He was right, it wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t fast either. It took us about five hours to complete the assembly and installation. Yes, we were taking things slow and double checking measurements, but it still wasn’t a quick-time job.

In the end, it came together perfectly. We feel so uptown now with our outside keypad and quiet motor. The best part is that we did it together without any major fights! Go Team Kirks!

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