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Earlier this spring, our local paper, the News-Leader, made some changes. Letters went out to subscribers informing them of upcoming fee increases that were justified by new, expanded online access. While Steve and I understood the need for these changes, we weren’t interested in all the online offerings. Besides, we were spoiled by the $11/month rate we were spending for a daily paper. We called to ask if we could keep getting our paper without subscribing to the online services and were told “no.” They refused to offer any other packages other than the new ones, which tripled our monthly rate. We were paid thorough the end of June so we had a couple of months to decide what to do.

I’ll admit my main reasons for taking the paper are the comics and Dear Abby. Shallow, but true. I can get most of the local news on television or other sources so the paper didn’t really appeal to me. Besides, if someone I know dies it’s likely my mom will inform me of the passing before it’s published in the paper. I hated giving up my routine of coffee and paper after my morning workouts, but I refused to pay any more than I had been paying for the past 15 years. So we cancelled. And they didn’t seem to care.

Steve, being ever so resourceful when faced with a problem, found a solution: cash in frequent flier miles (we never use them) for a subscription to The Wall Street Journal. I have now officially become my mother (love you, mom!). Shortly after securing that six-day subscription, he found a way to get us the New York Times on Sunday. Paper problem solved! I got online and found sources for my beloved comics so my daily dose of humor is secured.

I know the decline of local papers is on the rise and I hate to be another person adding to that, but I will not be held hostage by increased rates and an unwillingness to work with a long-term subscriber. That’s all the news that’s fit to print here!

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