Ready For Fall

It’s no secret I don’t like summer, and this has been one of the worst in memory. I doubt I’m alone when I say enough is enough! Let’s get some cooler weather, and rain, going here.

For me, the best part of fall is not the cooler weather (although that doesn’t hurt), but it’s the wonderful fashions. I’ve always loved the September fashion magazine issues, planning my wardrobe additions for the season, and seeing what’s hot and what’s not. Not all of the September issues are out yet, but I’ve already seen and read about a lot of trends that I’ll be embracing. I’ve also seen several I won’t! So here’s what’s on my radar for fall:

1. Smoking slippers and brogues. If you’re even remotely interested in fashion, learn these terms. These two styles of shoes are on the horizon to replace the beloved ballet slipper of the past few years. Here’s a sample of the smoking slipper:


I recently scored a pair from Steve Madden that I’d been drooling over since late November. My patience paid off and I got them for 75% off. Brogues are similar to men’s wingtip or lace-up oxfords. Here’s a pair I bought:


Gotta love the perk of ordering shoes from work at cost! Anyway, several people have asked about how to wear these unique styles and I always tell them to wear them as they would any flat. Jeans, crops, skirts, dresses, pants are all good choices. I wear them the same as I would my Chuck Taylors.

2. Shoes again! What can I say? Shoes are an easy way to update a wardrobe. Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect pump. I want a pointed metallic cap toe, small platform and shorter heel. Not too much to ask, right? Yeah, well this one’s going to be a challenge. So far, all I’ve found are sky-high rounded toe platforms. We’ll see.

3. Plaid pants. Thanks to my mother, I inherited her thin legs which means I can wear patterned pants without looking like a whale. The key to any pattern is keeping the proportion right and the fit perfect. Last night I found a cute pair at JC Penney (their transformation is looking great) but am still looking. Ideally, I’d like something that looks like it’s from the 70s, but styled like it’s current. Again, not too much to ask.

4. A moto vest. Rather than a motorcycle jacket, I want a vest. I’ve seen several in magazines but all are in the 4-figure range. Not surprising since my taste rarely matches my budget. I figure the style will become more popular and inexpensive knock-offs will be available soon. At least I hope so!

5. Skinny slouch jeans. Yep, this style really exists. It’s like the skinny jean and the boyfriend jean had a kid and this was the outcome. Less tight in the leg, but not too baggy. I’m expecting to see this coming from Gap.

Other trends hitting the stores are leopard print EVERYTHING, burgundy and navy, lady-like blouses, ruffles, fringe (love!), metallic, purple, western details (another love), and tuxedo styling (a perpetual fave). All in all, fall’s looking great!

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