Super Spouse

Marriage is work, that’s not news. The best relationships, whether they’re marriages or great friendships, take work from both people to make them successful. In a long-term marriage, sometimes you’re the strong one and sometimes you’re weak. Usually, both people aren’t weak or strong at the same time. Unfortunately, Steve and I have been a little weak lately and it’s been hard to prop up the other person.

Fortunately, this is temporary and we know it. We’ve both been stressed at work and have brought it home. The three-day weekend was good, but unfortunately, we have several other house-related issues to deal with.

Early last week, the speaker on my cell phone started sounding static-y. I thought it was everyone else’s phones, but soon discovered it was mine. We cleaned it out really well, but that didn’t solve the problem. Now, the volume has faded significantly. Good news is that Steve is traveling to Kansas City tomorrow and will take it to the Apple store for me. One problem solved.

Then, the hard drive on the computer quit. Kaput. Now, since I’m married to a tech wiz, he had installed Time Machine, a back-up system that saved everything from complete failure. Once Steve had assessed the situation, he managed to set up a temporary solution with an external hard drive. Man, this guy is good! While not perfect (no back-up in place) it will suffice until he can buy the new hard drive and install it. Second problem temporarily solved.

Last night, I went to feed the cats and discovered the drain in the basement was overflowing. The sump pump wasn’t working. Steve first checked the breaker, then jiggled the pump to see if it was stuck. It made noise, but didn’t pump. We suspected a rock from the bottom of the pump area had been sucked into the pump, gotten stuck and the motor burned out. Grrr. Luckily, Lowe’s was still open and Steve had some birthday gift certificates he was willing to use for a new pump. He got home around 9:45 p.m. and proceeded to do the install. Of course, he accidentally bought the wrong size connectors. Good news is that we have something in place temporarily until he can make the exchange and finish it tonight. Third problem to be solved today.

So while things have been stressful and machines keep breaking, at least I’m married to a guy who knows how to fix the problems. Thanks Steve, for being my husband, my best friend and my handyman. I love you!

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