Trying to Make Sense

I’ve started this blog post in my head at least a dozen times over the last few days, but I just don’t know where to begin. Please excuse the writing and choppy thought process.

Last Saturday, I was beginning my day with a cup of coffee when I message popped up on my computer screen from a friend asking if I’d heard about another friend, John Lambert. I hadn’t heard anything but alarm bells went off in my head. John, his three children and a family friend had all died in a tragic plane accident early Saturday morning. I was shocked.

I knew John and his oldest son Grayson, from the gym. John was the kind of guy who would light up the room with his smile. Cliche, I know, but very true. We used to joke that John was the only person who could make me smile on a Monday morning. I watched Grayson go from an adorable child to a sweet young man. I met John’s other children, McKinley and Joshua, and found them to be as bright and energetic as their father.

John had been dealing with some personal stresses over the past year, but you’d never know it to talk to him. Even when we had a serious conversation, John would end it with a smile and tell me everything was going to be ok. He always asked about “my man” and made sure I told Steve he said hello.

John, you and your family have touched so many lives and we will never be the same. I’m just glad I had the privilege of knowing you for the few short years that I did. May God welcome you into heaven. I know it’s a happier place with your bright smile and positive attitude.

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