New Kid in Town

Losing a pet is always tough, and Littles left some big paws to fill. We knew we’d eventually get another cat but didn’t know when the time would be right. Tidbit needs companionship since we’re gone during the day so we started looking shortly after we lost Littles. A trip to Petsmart to visit the cats/kittens from local no kill shelters was good, but we didn’t bond with any of them.  The next week, my father-in-law, Pete, was playing on the local Humane Society website and found a cat he thought looked really good so he sent us the link.

“Amy” was a pretty cat, that’s for sure, but we still weren’t convinced it was time to take the leap into new cat ownership. Frankly, I’ve been nervous about how Tidbit would react since he tends to be a jerk. Steve was convinced we needed a kitty but I wasn’t sure we were up to the challenge of all that energy. Saturday, we left the house thinking we’d have a day to ourselves. The first stop was lunch at That Lebanese Place, a food truck we’d heard rave reviews about. The reviewers weren’t lying; we’ll return! Between bites, we decided to take a trip to the Humane Society “just to look.” Yeah, right.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a gang of kittens named after playground equipment: Teeter-totter, Swingset, Merry-go-round and Slide. They were adorable. This was going to be tough. Pete and Diana met us there so we all went into the cat area to look around. I was immediately taken by an energetic little black kitty with white tufts coming out of her ears. She was ready for playtime! Steve was more cautious than I because I found myself bouncing from cage to cage holding out my fingers (despite signs telling me not to do that!). I was loving on an orange tabby, but knew we couldn’t have him because he was male and we needed a female. We got out a couple of cats, but none were a good fit.

Then we met Amy. She sure was pretty. Big blue eyes and gorgeous coloring. She was a little shy, but became lively and curious when we got her out of her cage. She plopped down and began purring when we scratched her ears. We were done, that’s for sure. Pete and Diana agreed she was a looker and quite a sweetie, but we wanted some one-on-one time with her, so we took her to a private room to bond.

That was it. The little girl was coming home with us. Pete and Steve took care of the paperwork while Diana and I perused the other “kids.” I wanted all of them. Monday, Amy had her spaying and I picked her up from the Humane Society after work. She was alert, but cautious. She’s currently residing in the guest room with her own bathroom, new food dish (of course), toys and all the room she needs to roam. She enjoys being under the bed, but has become more animated and outgoing in a short 24 hours. She’s a lover and we’re over the moon.

Her name will be changed because she’s not an “Amy.” I’ll keep you posted on her progress. Thanks to Pete and Diana for all their help in finding our new family member!

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