Just When You Thought it Was Safe…

The Mutants have arrived! These evil, mutant bugs are the result of cuttlefish casting gone bad. I have learned, in the past week, that cuttlefish casting just might not be my forte. I have tried casting six times and half of them have turned out properly. Three of my bugs didn’t work at all. Two worked, but looked bad. I finally told Sarah that it was time for me to learn another form of casting.

Mutant Bug Party

Mutant Family Picnic

The weird thing about my cuttlefish casting experience is that the very first one I did turned out perfect. Here’s the button I first cast. The original button is one the right, the cast piece is on the left.



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3 responses to “Just When You Thought it Was Safe…

  1. Mick

    I am about to eat my fifth halloween cookie in the last 12 hours…and that includes sleeping, during which I did not eat any cookies. I had a cat, a ghost, some leaves, maybe a bat. I seem to remember a cuttlefish too, but maybe Im getting confused. This is a cry for help.


  2. Suzanne

    …a cuttlefish cookie…I have an idea!

  3. I think you both have had enough sugar for one day. Cuttlefish cookie – gross!

    Mick, I’m a bit concerned about your cookie intake. Perhaps I should limit the number I take over to your house in the future!

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