Big MAC Attack

Today I’ll be working at Dillard’s as a [MAC Cosmetics]( girl. Actually, I’m the hostess for their “Barbie Loves MAC” event. I got the job because I know several of the MAC artists really well and was telling them how much I loved Barbie as a child. Melissa, the counter manager, said I should come work the event. I have one of the highly coveted Barbie Loves MAC t-shirts and promises of some make up goodies to come. It will be interesting to work retail again even if I am just checking in people. I’ll have pictures later of my MAC Girl look and some of the staff.


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3 responses to “Big MAC Attack

  1. I got the chance to see you at work in the whole outfit. Hot!

  2. Suzanne

    Speaking of MAC…Remember someone named Rita…..!?!?! She says hello 🙂

  3. Yes, I remember Rita. She is a sweetie. I’ll have to look her up next time I’m in town.

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