Worth The Work?

I’m beginning to wonder if all of this house selling/buying crap is worth the work. It’s been the longest month of my life and, quite frankly, I’m ready for something to give. Tomorrow we’re hoping Steve gets a job offer. That’s the #1 call I want to receive because without a job, it doesn’t matter where we live ’cause we won’t be able to afford either place!

Our offer was countered today and the seller didn’t come down much. We discussed everything, offered another price and took out some of the items we wanted. No word on another counter offer, but I think the longer it takes the better. Perhaps they’re re-evaluating everything and attempting to make an offer we might actually take. We received the inspection report from our buyers and they had a couple of valid concerns. Good news is that Paul, the husband, can fix about anything and doesn’t get fazed by the items in the report. Bad news is that Becky, the wife, is all nervous about termites even though there’s no sign of live termites anywhere. Her concern is that the garage once had them (it’s detached and we treated it). We told her to wait until the termite inspectors come before making a final decision about whether or not to continue.

They both want someone to inspect the chimney and fix the cracks at the top. Ok fine, we said, but they have to pay for it. So, bottom line is this: we don’t know if they’ll bail on the contract and we don’t know if we can work out something on the other house. In the meantime, the most important thing is that Steve gets a job or none of this matters!

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